“No make-up!”… Ailyn Pérez


Which is the main feature of your personality?
Your worst flaw?

Apologizing too much.
Which is your star sign?
Are you superstitious?

What did you dream to become as an adult when you were a child?
To be the one to help my parents be extremely successful.
Which are your favorite readings?

Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda and the Amplified version of the Bible.
Which is the book you have loved the most so far?
I’m not an avid reader.  I think it might be because I’m always carried away with new music and interpretation.
Did your family influence your choices?
Was music a vocation?
Yes, but it’s only one aspect about being an opera singer.
What’s missing in your life today?
The greatest disappointment?
Don’t have one.
Which is your most cherished memory?
With my Dad:  learning to ride a bike;  with my Mom: getting the Nestle “Crunch” bar;  my first dance with my husband at our wedding.
How important is money to you?
Very important.
Which is the item you like spending money on the most?
Parties with friends and family.
Do you collect anything?
Do you have a recurrent dream?
Yes, I have a few: losing my teeth, not being able to open my mouth, and being able to fly.
What are you afraid of the most?
Not living life well.
Which is your most ambitious dream?
To be among the best at what I can do AND be able to maintain a great personal life.
Your biggest challenge?
Seeing and sharing big moments with the people I love.
What or who makes you feel embarrassed?
I’m easily excited and tend to embarrass myself before I calm down.
Which is the situation you consider the most relaxing?
Being on the beach in the hot sun with my husband.
Your favorite subject at school?
Music classes and Philosophy class.
Favorite city?
Too tough to decide one!  I love Chicago, NYC, San Fran, LA, Philly, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, and London.
Favorite color?
Royal Purple: the rich and bright and vibrant one!
Favorite flower?
Gerbera Daisies and Peach Roses.
The holiday or the trip you’d like to take?
April in Sevilla, Spain.
Day or night?
Which is your hideaway?
The movie theater.
The film you love the most?
When I’m sick, I love to watch ABC or NBC (TV); the movie version of “Alice in Wonderland” with Sammy Davis Jr. and Carol Channing and others: “Uncle Buck” and “Adventures in Babysitting”;  then everything by Quentin Tarantino, “The Godfather Trilogy” with my husband, and every Almodovar film.
Your favorite season?
Which is the place where cooking is the worst ever?
Nowhere.  It’s just more difficult when you don’t particularly enjoy what is served and can’t shop or cook for yourself.
How would you define your relation with food ?
I’m a foodie.
Your favourite dish?
Ruccola salad with chicken breast, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, lemon, accompanied with a great tomato soup and foccaccia bread.
The dish you cook the best?
I don’t like cooking for others because I get very stressed out!  But, I make great guacamole and different salsas.
Red or white wine?
White wine. 
What’s never missing in your refrigerator?
Milk, eggs, cheese, ketchup mustard, water, Diet Coke, cucumber, lime, Grape jelly.
What’s your weakness in kitchen?
Trying to cook by following a recipe!  I am a great helper, though.
What’s the soundtrack to your life?
The Cranberries song, “Dreams”.
Your favourite singer?
Too many to pick one!
What would you want someone who doesn’t know your voice to listen to?
I would love to invite them to a live performance of a recital or to the theater to hear La Traviata,  Roméo et Juliette or La Bohème.
How did your voice change through the years and how do you take care of it, choosing the roles and the repertoire to perform?
It’s still changing a bit, but I have always been attracted to perform roles in which the character develops and has a strong profile of both a personality and story.  I think I sing better when I am dramatically committed.
If you were granted the chance to choose a role, which one would it be?
Desdemona in Verdi’s Otello.
How’s your attitude towards TV ?
It’s one of the best ways to unwind from the day and relax.
What do you do an hour prior to go on stage?
I am usually at the theater 2 ½ hours prior to curtain.  An hour before the stage, the hair and make-up artists are transforming me to assume whichever the glamorous role is which I am about to portray.
What’s never missing in your dressing room?
Water, a glass, my heart charm, my robe, my good luck notes from my nephew, and my score.
What do you think of when looking at yourself in the mirror?
How do I best shape myself.
How would you prefer to die?
Before my husband.  I always thought I would die young, but that was before I met two of my Great Aunts who were chain smokers, and still lived happily to the age of 108.
Your mood at the moment?
What’s your motto?
Be grateful and love others as God loved me.