Death Shall have no dominion

I will miss you, Elizabeth. We all will. In a ” world of flickering images you were a constant star” they wrote. Sounds about right….It occurred to me a few nights ago, the most beautiful moon, biggest in hundreds of years; direct in line with the Sun; closest to the Earth looking huge came and shined it’s silvery beauty and took our breath away. How fitting that you would leave with it. The moon came and got one of it’s most magical moonbeams…….
In all the hours we chatted, here I am at your leaving, speechless.
Can’t really wrap myself around the idea you are “but a ways above us..” My heart and solidarity go out to your family, to Michael and Christopher, and Liza and Maria…. and all the babies of the babies, and to Tim and all the great people who worked with you and loved you. You were so gracious and fun with my family and friends. WE had a ball.
The world is a less beautiful place, less exciting, less warm without you in it. A perpetual youthful spirit, full of heart and loyalty. You went, surrounded by your babies, and faced it unafraid. You had been there before. I will miss your laugh. Your humor. That I won’t see those eyes full of thought, and mischief, and emotion, makes me so sad. They were really something, you know? Wide open windows into one of the most unique souls I have ever known…… Violet, like suede….. luminous.
Shy as you were, your eyes invited everyone in. Looking on you was like witnessing something mythical. The real thing. How often do you get to see that? And you smiling and giggling, it made that kind of almost impossible beauty accessible…..almost.Now, dear friend, you are part of all that is beauty still… and I will think of you always that way.
Follow your lead…… live well, fully and honestly….. leave nothing undone, heart open ready for the day, and stay after those who need help. Fight the unjust, and don’t forget, wink then they get mad. That will make them think you know something they don’t.
Well done, Elizabeth….. you did it your way and we are so much better for it !!! You ended every phone chat with me “I Love you, Aprile…..” and I would answer, “I love ya back…..” Beautiful girl, I always will.