Georg Friederich Handel (1685 -1759) a 260 anni dalla morte

Georg Friederich Handel – (Halle, 23 febbraio 1685 – 14 aprile 1759) a 260 anni dalla morte
Saul, HWV 53: “How excellent Thy name, O Lord” (Chorus) – Symphony: Andante allegro – “Welcome, welcome, mighty King!” (Chorus)- Air: “O Lord, whose Mercies numberless” (David)- March: Grave – “Gird on thy Sword, thou Man of Might” (Chorus)
Judas Maccabaeus, HWV 63, Part III: See, the conqu’ring hero comes! – “Rejoice, of Judah…Hallelujah, Amen”
“Music for the Royal Fireworks”, HWV 351: III. La paix
Concerto grosso No. 12 in B Minor, HWV 330 (Op. 6): III. Larghetto, e piano – Variatio
“Water Music”: Suite No. 1 in F Major, HWV 348: I. Overture: Largo – Allegro
“Rinaldo”, HWV 7a: Lascia ch’io pianga
“Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne”, HWV 74: I. Eternal source of light divine
“Dixit Dominus”, HWV 232: I. Dixit Dominus Domino meo
“Saul”, HWV 53, Act III: Dead March: Grave
“Ode for St Cecilia’s Day”, HWV 76: IV. What passion cannot music raise and quell
Organ Concerto No. 13 in F Major, HWV 295, “The Cuckoo and the Nightingale”: II. Allegro
“Te Deum” in D Major, HWV 283, “Dettingen”: XII. Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us this day
Concerto grosso in C Major, HWV 318, “Alexander’s Feast”: III. Allegro
Zadok the Priest, HWV 258 – I. Zadok the Priest II. And all the people rejoiced III. God save the King