“No make-up!”…Elina Garanca

Which is the main feature of your personality?
Your worst flaw?
Which is a man’s feature that attracts you the most?
Humor and Fidelity.
And in a woman?
Being strong and independent.
Who are the people you would turn to in a moment of need?
My husband and my mother.
Which is your ideal of happiness?

People being able to be happy with what they have.
What about jealousy?
It is a status of doubts of one’s own value in another person’s life.
Do you have any regrets?
I don’t regret things, what’s done is done, one cannot riverse it anyway.
When did you cry for the last time?
A week ago….
Which is the happiest day in your life?

Too many to point out one, I am overall a very happy person.
And the saddest one?

When you lose a family member, closer friends or fight with a person you love.
What are you afraid of the most?
To wake up in a grave and be buried alive.
Favorite city?

I love Vienna a lot.
Favorite color?

Today white, tomorrow blue, the day after tomorrow black…
Favorite flower?
I love, love, love white lilys.
How would you define your relation with food ?

One of few nicest things in a human being’s life.
Your favourite dish?
I love seafood.
Your favourite drink?
Gin and tonic.
Which is your most cherished memory?

Too many again to point out one-some on stage, some in private life.
And the saddest one?
The same here…even though I never have really sad moments when I’m on stage...
Do you happen to tell lies?

Well, small lies are healthy, and apparently human beings lie many times a day, but a lie should never hurt somebody, then it is ok.
What would you never give up?
The truth. I hate when peope are not fair.
Which is the last book you read?
Rudolf Nureyev’s biography.
Any favorite literary author?
I really do not have one.
Would you like to live in the past?
I’d love to live in late 19th century…
Your favourite singer?
Well, Callas of course, and I love Barbra Streisand.
Your favorite perfume?
Every day something different, I have maybe 19 different ones- for sunny or rainy days, for evening or morning…But from nature I like the smell of a horse and white lilys.
The holiday or trip you’d like to take?
Tibet, the Grand Canyon, The China, a Safari…
Is there a character from the past or present time you’d like to be?
Nobody, I am happy to be who I am.
The form of art you love the most?

I love modern ballet and photography.
How’s your attitude towards TV?
Well, It is a nice way of killing and wasting time, usually I watch it in hotels in a foreign city, when I can’t sleep.
Do you love cinema?
Very much.
Which is the last movie you’ve seen?
Your favorite actor(s)?
Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep.
Which is the most extravagant thing you’ve ever done?
Underwater diving.
Is there anything you’d like to change in your body?
I would like to be a man, with black hair and be 1.95 m tall….ahahahah!
What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would buy a farm and keep horses, animals and would learn to paint.
What’s your secret dream?
One should never tell drams out loud to anybody, then they don’t come true.
Have you ever acted like a diva?
No, I am too a simple person in my heart and believe in modesty.
What do you hate the most?
I hate arrogant people.
If you were granted the chance to have a special gift, which one would it be?
To be able to read people’s mind.
Which is the most precious gift you’ve ever received?
My voice.
How would you prefer to die ?
In my sleep.
Are you indulgent towards guilt or mistakes?
I can’t say that. I believe very much in intuition, and getting experience. And I believe that everybody is always given two choices, so once you decide for something, you can’t see it as a mistake anymore, but as experience.
Do you enjoy girlie things like gossip?
I really don’t know…I have more important things in my life as gossip.
What’s your motto?
“What goes around, comes around”.