“No make-up!”… James Valenti

Which is the main feature of your personality?
Outgoing, silly, fun loving.
Il worst flaw?
Demand too much of myself…too hard on myself.
Which is your star sign?
Are you superstitious?
Not especially.
What did you dream to become as an adult when you were a child?
A comedian..i suppose i always wanted to be a performer.
Which are your favorite readings?
I enjoy reading Hemingway short stories.  For books i prefer non fiction.  I enjoy biographies and self analysis books.  I also enjoy classics like “The Great Gatsby”.
Which is the book you have loved the most so far?
Malcolm Gladwell’s books are very interesting, also i enjoy Deepak Chopra’s books.
Which was your ambition as a child?
Dont really know…never thought about it…
Have you ever sought revenge?
Did your family influence your choices?
Of course, i’m very close to my family and they always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.
Was music a vocation?
Not really.
What’s missing in your life today?
Difficult to maintain long term relationships.
The greatest disappointment?
When people are not what they seem.
Which is your most cherished memory?
Playing at the pool with my siblings during a care free child hood.
How important is money to you?
Money doesn’t bring happiness….but it sure makes things a lot easier.
Which is the item you like spending money on the most?
I enjoy getting great gifts for loved ones….
Do you collect anything?
Not really.
Do you have a recurrent dream?
What are you afraid of the most?
Looking like a foo.
Which is your most ambitious dream?
To be a superstar …not only in opera, but on a grander scale…movies, tv, etc…
Are ideals, passions important?
Of course….passion is what drives us…it is very attractive to find a passion like that in someone.
The moment you felt the proudest?
Seeing my parents after a performance and feeling their joy and being able to share my passion and talent with them and so many fans.
Your biggest challenge?
To find the balance of the career and personal life.
What or who makes you feel embarrassed?
Ignorant people.
Which is the situation you consider the most relaxing?
Sitting at the pool in the sun, relaxing on a day off.
Your favorite subject at school?
Favorite city?
New York City….such an incredible energy…and i grew up in that area so it feels like home.
Favorite color?
Blue and Green.
Favorite flower?
Star gazer lilly.
The holiday or the trip you’d like to take?
I’d love to go to Australia.
Day or night?
Tell us your ideal day…
Sleep in late, wake up to the shining sun and clear skies with an amazing woman next to me, cook breakfast with and watch cheesy morning tv, go to the beach or pool and just do nothing.
Which is your hideaway?
I enjoy going back to my parents home in NJ.
The film you love the most?
Your favorite season?
Which is the place where cooking is the worst ever?
How would you define your relation with food ?
It is an intimate part of my life.
Your favourite dish?
Hard to say…i love all Italian food….
The dish you cook the best?
Most breakfast dishes.
Red or white wine?
I dont really care for wine.
What’s never missing in your refrigerator?
What’s your weakness in kitchen?
I hate getting everything dirty..so i clean as i go which makes the cooking process very slow.
What’s the soundtrack to your life?
I tough one….umm… dont really know.
Your favourite singer?
Hard to pick one… Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, Franco Corelli.
Has being goodlooking affected your singing career someway?
Well i prefer that people talk about my singing….but being tall and slender and reasonably attractive hasn’t hindered my career. my looks have surely gathered attention, but i’d like to think that my artistry and talent is what has helped me to ascend in this business.
How did your voice change through the years and how do you take care of it, choosing the roles and the repertoire to perform?
To take care of my voice also means taking care of my body.  Getting enough sleep, staying in shape (i exercise and also do yoga), eating well.  Being an opera singer is like being an athlete.   To maintain the voice i make sure to do a regiment of vocal exercises nearly every day.  The day following a performance i normally don’t sing and allow time for rest.   I have noticed many changes over the years.  As muscles have strengthened and breath coordination becomes more secure, the voice has grown and become more settled.  There is also a deeper connection to the body.
If you were granted the chance to chose a role, which one would it be?
A  dream role is Andrea Chenier….but at this moment i would chose Des Grieux in Massenet’s “Manon”.
Which is the first record you ever bought?
I dont remember, but I love “La boheme” with Pavarotti Freni and “Aida” with Corelli and Nillsson.
How’s your attitude towards TV ?
I hate reality tv….there are a few dramas i really enjoy….mindless, innocuous tv is fun and a nice distraction…mainly i watch CNN all day …i like to know what’s happening in the world. Is there horror in TV?
Horror…yes….there is horror in the world so it’s reflected on tv.
What do you do an hour prior to go on stage? yoga stretches
What’s never missing in your dressing room? water and fruit.
What do you think of when looking at yourself in the mirror?
I need a facial.
How would you prefer to die ?
What a morbid question…..in my sleep, peacefully with no pain…..quickly…i dont want to spend months in a hospital..i want to go suddenly and abruptly.
Your mood at the moment?
What’s your motto?
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.